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X-Lock installation instructions and tips from our Customers
(Whilst we review all instructions before publication we accept no liability for any loss or injury arising from them.) 

Manufacturer Model Author
Atlas 210/215 Frits Geerligs, PA0FRI
Drake TR-7 Ron Wagner WD8SBB
  TR-7 Pete Juliano N6QW (ex W6JFR)
  TR-7 Improvements Marinos Markomanolakis SV9DRU / KI4GIN
  R-7 Photo of F5LOL install into R7
Elecraft K-1 Dave Johnson, G4AON
  K-1 Mark Raybould, G3XYS/NS1Q
Heathkit HW-101 Pete Juliano N6QW (ex W6JFR)
Kenwood TS120S Roger Wincer, ZL2RX
  TS520 series  Bob Mutton, VK2ZRM
  TS530S Ed Kreusel, K5TX
  VFO820 Paul Stagno, W0PAS
  TS830S/530S Paul Stagno, W0PAS
Knight V44 VFO (Vintage Valve/Tube) Jim Candela, WD5JKO
Swan 270B Morris Dillingham KI4IUA
TenTec Corsair Pete Juliano N6QW (ex W6JFR)
Yaesu FT-101E Angelo Castellano, IK0BGG
  FT-102 David Lisney, G0FVT
FT-107 It's been done but no details yet!
  FT-902DM Marinos Markomanolakis SV9DRU / KI4GIN
Tips and ideas X-Lock Control via the RIT Line Bob Mutton, VK2ZRM