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Last Update: Tuesday, 25 September 2018


SALE! The 2-Tone Audio Oscillator kit

Looking for a man with a van in St. Helens ?

Variable single frequency, fixed 700Hz and 1900Hz dual tone, variable output. The versatile 2-Tone kit is now only £30 plus VAT, visit the 2-Tone page.

Our sincere thanks to Jean-Claude Gerber, HB3YDH, for providing drilling templates for the Hammond 1455 enclosure and a PCB overlay showing component values. To view these follow the links on the 2-Tone page.

Nice work Jean-Claude!

New! The Minifilter 2 Kit - It's back, and there have been a few changes!

Building upon the success of the Minifilter DSP kit we're delighted to announce the release of the latest version, the "Minifilter 2". Similar in size to its predecessor, the Minifilter 2 packs many new features including variable band pass filtering with rasor sharp transition bands and binaural audio. Its ability to store complete operating configurations make it ideal for embedding into existing equipment as an audio upgrade.

If you've already put an X-Lock into that old radio to cure its drift, add the Minifilter 2 for the ultimate upgrade and benefit from DSP filtering, Noise Reduction and a host of other features.

Alternatively, use it as a stand alone audio processor or build into into a speaker to make an amplified speaker unit with ultra sharp DSP filtering. Find out more on the Minifilter 2 page.

"X-Lock" the TS530/830 and the VFO820!

Paul Stagno, W0PAS has been upgrading these Kenwood classics with the X-Lock. An interesting feature is the use of the now widely available low cost DC-DC step up converters to generate the X-Lock supply from the 9V rail in the VFO820. Read his article on the X-Lock Solutions page.



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