We offer a range of kits aimed at electronic hobbyists and educational establishments. Premium quality components from leading manufacturers together with comprehensive assembly and operating instructions ensure successful construction and trouble free operation. During the development of our kits, we have taken great care to 'design out' complexity so that no specialist skills or tools are required during assembly. Seasoned constructor or newcomer, you can be confident of success. In the unlikely event that that you can't get your finished kit to work, don't worry, we will provide support by email and telephone. If that's not enough, we offer a troubleshooting and repair service at a very competitive price. See the contact page for details.







Dual Tone Oscillator using DSP technology, with variable frequency single tone feature for testing and adjusting SSB transmitters.

45.00 (inc VAT at 20%)

Ex VAT Price 37.50

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Versatile amplified DSP Filter module with denoiser and autonotch for upgrading receivers or for use as a stand alone unit.

41.88 (inc VAT at 20%)

Ex VAT Price 34.90

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Sold Out

X-Lock VFO Stabiliser

Processor based VFO stabiliser (Frequency locked Loop) suitable for most types of VFO operating up to 50MHz.

36.90 (inc VAT at 20%)

Ex VAT Price 30.75

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Eden DSP PCB v1.3

Bare 100mm x 64mm PCB to carry 64pin dsPIC33E/F processor, TLV320AIC23B CODEC and interface components. Suitable for 16 bit audio processing applications or for use in DSP IF or I/Q audio back ends for transceivers. Active Yahoo support group.

10.74 (inc VAT at 20%)

Ex VAT Price 8.95

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LCD Adapter kit for 16 SIL to 8x2 header via ribbon cable.

5.95 (inc VAT at 20%)

Ex VAT Price 4.96

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Download Manuals (pdf format)

Module and Version File Size  
Minifilter v1.0 247kB  
X-Lock 3 344kB  
LCDA-1 43kB  
Discontinued Kits    
Microcode DSP v1.0 302kB  
Minicounter  v3.0 302kB Document Version 1.1 Corrections to programming and RIT
Minisynth v1.0   282kB  
Microcode Morse Code Reader v3.3  282kB  
X-Lock v2.0 479kB  
T-1 SSB/CW Sub System 500kB  
T-1 Schematic 219kB  
T-1 Filter Kit (4.9152MHz) 81kB  
C-1 Controller v1.2 100kB  
T-2 Manual v1.5 336kB  
T-2 Schematic  v1.2 1500kB  
FD-01 v1.2 357kB  

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