Notes on the Frequency Stabilization of the Kenwood TS530S with the X-Lock

By Ed Kreusel, K5TX

I recently purchased an x-lock kit and successfully installed it in a Kenwood TS-530s.
The TS-530s was purchased off of Ebay at the beginning of the year and it had several problems.
The major problem was drifting in frequency.
I recapped all the electrolytics in the power supply circuits and that helped reduce the drifting.
The specs on the radio allow for it to drift about 100 Hertz under normal use. This was annoying at best.

Installation - 

1.The RF input for the X-lock was picked up off the PLL board. I unplugged the connector going to the External VFO and plugged in a connector going to the x-lock RF connector.

2. For the control signal , VAR, out from the x-lock. I disconnected the RIT line coming from the RIT pot and substituted the correction signal from the x-lock into the VFO connector.

No other changes were required. The X-lock worked on the first power up. No realignment was needed.

Thank you for a great kit.
Ed, K5TX