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After 15 years of producing kits for the Amateur Radio enthusiast, Cumbria Designs ceased trading on 17th December 2018. All outstanding orders have been processed and despatched. No further orders will be accepted.

We thank all of our customers that made this little business a success and a pleasure to to be a part of. We hope that the designs that we produced enhanced the hobby for you and found good service in your projects and workshops.

Best Regards

Ron and Gill Taylor  



Due to shipping and payment constraints UK Customers only.

Payment by cheque only, in GBP, made out to "R Taylor".

For payment and ordering details email

Instructions will be emailed in pdf format.


  • X-Lock VFO Stabiliser kit 25 including postage

  • Minifilter 2 kit DSP Audio Filter, Denoiser and Autonotch 30 including postage

  • 2-Tone Audio Generator kit 25 including postage



7805 +5v Linear Regulators 0.20

NE5532 Low Noise Dual Op Amp 8 pin DIP 0.75

NE5534 Low Noise Op Amp 8 pin DIP 1.00

74VHC00N High Speed Quad NAND 14 pin DIL 0.20

74HC151N Data Selector/Mux 16 pin DIP 0.25

74HC393 Dual 4 bit Counter 14 pin DIL 0.20

CD4066 Analogue Switches 0.10

NE567 PLL Tone Detector 0.50

PIC12F683-I/P 8 pin DIL 0.50

PIC18F1330-I/P 18 pin DIL 1.50

2N3904 TO92 10 for 1.00

 DB107G 1000v 1A Bridge Rectifier 4 pin DIL 0.20

MOC3022 Opto TRIAC 0.20

Molex KK Series 12 Way Header with Shell, 0.1" Pitch 0.75

Locking Header 2x8 pins 0.1" Pitch Straight, Multicomp 0.20

Locking Header 2x8 pins 0.1" Pitch Right Angle, Multicomp 0.20

DT6 Push Button, Grey, Square Actuator, 10 for 1.00


For payment and ordering details email

Payment by cheque in GBP made out to "R Taylor".




Bungard PCB prototyping equipment for sale, comprising of a CCD/ATC CNC routing/drilling machine with auto tool change, compressor, PC, Ne-Cut large guilotine and accessories. A rare opportunity to pick up one of these high end machines at a bargain price! More details here.



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